Original images (Idea 2)-

Here are my original images for my second idea. I wanted to express my passion for travelling, and other cultures. my intentions for these images was to have a quick shutter speed to try and catch the paper aeroplanes mid flight, however, as you can see we had issues with both timing and motion blur.

Which if I had chance to recreate these images maybe in a studio setting, I could improve on these.

Original images (Idea 5) -

Here are my original images for my fifth idea, in this project, I wanted to show how I spend my down time, I love to chill out, relax, read some magazines and listen to my favourite bands. so this is what I wanted to show in these images. 

I also experimented with moving my lamp about to create different shadows and highlights. 

Original Images (Idea 4) - 

Here are my original images for my forth idea, in these images I have tried to communicate my love of cooking, along with the fun quirky side of me. I made sure I used my colourful pots and utensils, to insure that the image carried on feeling fun, and also stood out.

Original Images (Idea 1) - 

Here are my original images of idea one, I wanted to convey both my passion with photography, and the fact that technology and social media holds such importance in the modern world of photography. 

I also decided to take a selfie in this selfie as it expresses the vanity that both myself and I’m sure many others have in a world that is full of social media hype, where one can receive compliments almost instantly on apps and websites.

Test images - 

Before Mariya arrived I decided to insure that the settings on my camera were set up appropriately, so we could jump straight into shooting,

As you can see the first two images were way to dark, so I decided to set my ISO to automatic to insure decent exposure, in the last image I also used a table lamp to enhance shadows and highlights, although this is hard to see in the image without a model.

My chosen setting for my indoor images was F4.0 with a shutter speed of 1/30, and my ISO set to automatic.

Initial Ideas for Self portrait (You as me) Photoshoot

I have thought about my passions in life and have come up with these rough concepts for this shoot, I will later go more in-depth as I proceed with developing my work

Idea 1 (Photography) - posing with camera, incorporating Instagram and social media
Idea 2 (Travel) - paper aeroplanes, throwing them at you, you throwing them (colourful)
Idea 3 (Fashion & Beauty)- looking in mirror doing makeup, painting nails or deciding clothes
Idea 4 (Cooking) - fun posed images with utensils pans etc., and unaware of camera posed images actually cooking.
Idea 5 (Chilled out/ Down time) - reading magazines on bed

Tony Blair “Selfie” - Kennard/Phillips Photo Op Picture 

This image has obviously been photoshopped, but its the irony behind the image which creates such a good talking piece. The image was created to express the widespread concern and anger by the british at the governments decision to go to war in Iraq in 2003.